82 Performance is closing down business as of April 20, 2023 (Orders received prior to Apr 20 will be shipped)

About Us

Welcome to Eighty-Two Performance!

Eighty-Two started in 2019 with one man's dream to contribute in growing the Korean Domestic Market (KDM) in North America. With the rise of KDM sports cars, there was a gap in parts gaining traction overseas and being offered in North America. Eighty-Two was founded to directly connect with Korean manufacturers and retailers to bring the hottest products at the most reasonable prices. Eighty-Two has connected and bartered with many overseas companies to form partnerships or exclusive deals all in pursuit of bringing you, our peers, the best quality parts. In the first year, we have achieved an exclusive contract with GT-9 and became M&S's only Canadian distributor. With more opportunities in sight, we look forward to see what else we can achieve for you. 


The team behind the founding of Eighty-Two comprise of car enthusiasts just like you. While our tastes in cars vary, we all share the same passion of modifying our cars to reflect us. 

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Kevin Lee,  Managing Partner

Cars: Mitsubishi EVO MR, Mitsubishi EVO GSR, Genesis G70

Responsibilities: Management, Future Direction, Father of Dogs, Etc.

"Kevin" Chung Won Lee, the visionary, is a mechanical engineer specializing in the autonomous driving sector of the automotive industry. He formed the team with dreams of growing Eighty-Two's presence to be a staple in the North American KDM scene. 


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Yohan Han , Senior Partner

Cars: Hyundai Sonata YF 2.4, Genesis Coupe 2.0 BK1, Mazda 3 GT,  Genesis Coupe 2.0 R-Spec BK2, Hyundai i20, Hyundai i30, Infiniti G37 Coupe

Responsibilities: Korea Regional Manager, Product Research, Visuals, Etc.

Yohan is our businessman man and Korea liaison, with connections to Tier 1 suppliers and small aftermarket businesses. With the ability to communicate to both the Korean and North American market fluently he is our jack-of-all-trades man. 


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Jack Lee, Partner

Cars: Mini Cooper, Mazda Miata, Acura CSX, Hyundai Veloster N

Responsibilities: Logistics, Quality, Fuse Blower, Etc.

"Jack" Joon Min Lee is a mechanical engineer currently working at one of the top automotive manufacturing plants in Canada. With years of quality experience under his belt, he ensures all the parts we test and review are up to OEM level of standard.  


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James Choi, Partner

Cars: '00 Honda Civic, '07 Acura TSX

Responsibilities: Finances, Stickers, Anime, Etc. 

"James" Kyu Won Choi is a mechanical engineer with special interests in robotic welding and automotive manufacturing. With experience at major companies in the automotive industry and ricing communities, he deals with all the little details.